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Shea Butter Balm Mini
Shea Butter Balm Mini
Shea Butter Balm Mini
Shea Butter Balm Mini

Shea Butter Balm Mini


Dr.PAWPAW Shea Butter Balm is an award-winning multi-tasking, 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free balm packed full of organic ingredients including pawpaw (papaya) fruit, aloe vera, olive oil, and shea butter. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.Lips, cuticles, feet, heal irritated skin, burns and relieve eczema, psoriarsis, and dermatits. Comes in recyclable packaging. Made in the UK. 




Their incredible range of plant-based ingredients make Dr.PAWPAW what it is today.

PAWPAW FRUIT – Pawpaw Fruit is nourishing on both skin and hair with long lasting results.

ALOE VERA – Aloe Vera soothes sore sensitive skin and helps to repair hair.

OLIVE OIL – Olive Oil deeply moisturizes stubborn dry cracked skin.

SHEA BUTTER – Shea Butter smooths and softens tough skin.

We weren't kidding when we said multi-tasking!!! Here's the full list

For lips.
Primer on dry skin.
Dewy finish.
Hydrating soothing evening mask.
Smooths eyebrows.
Separates eyelashes.

Protects sensitive skin.
Soothes sore irritated skin.
Can relieve eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.
Insect bites and blemishes.
Heals burns.
Repairs cuts.
Prevents scarring.

Dry skin patches.
Foot treatment.
Evening hand treatment.

Style short hair.
Seal ends.
Tame frizz.
Add texture.

Comes in Recyclable packaging. Made in the UK.