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FLORA Golden Face Oil
FLORA Golden Face Oil

FLORA Golden Face Oil


Scent Description: Flora has a delicate aroma of the worlds finest organic botanicals and resins. Every time I smell it, I feel like I am in a spa.

Good For: All skin types. Flora is an everyday moisturizer. This feather-light facial oil is made with a blend of pure, organic oils designed to leave your skin feeling nourished.

How To Use: Apply each morning to clean skin by gently pressing 3-4 drops of oil into skin and let it absorb.

Apply generously to face, neck and chest before bedtime for an ultra hydrating & reparative overnight treatment.

Use as an oil cleanser, or a 'pre-cleanse' treatment to help lift away dirt, make-up, and sunscreen.  A pre-cleanse before you wash your face helps to loosen up all the grime that you want to wash away.

Apply before shaving, and after shaving to prevent and reduce ingrown hairs.